Niroga Institute Staff

Bidyut Bose, Executive Director

Bidyut BoseBidyut 'B.K.' Bose is the founder and Executive Director of Niroga Institute. Bidyut earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley and spent many years in research and development in Silicon Valley. He has multiple patents to his credit, and has presented at international conferences and at universities around the world. Having learned yoga and meditation from his father since he was a child, and later with monks in the Himalayas, he longed for greater integration of his personal and professional life. Inspired since childhood by the twin ideals of self-realization and selfless service, he founded Niroga Institute in 2005, and his research interests have now shifted to the scientific application of TLS and developing cost-effective architectures for lasting social transformation.

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Judy Dunlap, Programs Director

Judy Dunlap has had a long time interest in Eastern philosophies, and in the East’s body/mind/spirit or holistic approach to healthful living and evolving consciousness. A student of the philosophy of Vedanta, she is currently on the Board of Directors of the Vedanta Society of Berkeley, Ca. Three years ago she was introduced to yoga through Bidyut’s classes, and has experienced the holistic therapeutic value of yoga first-hand. Judy enjoys the challenge of start-ups, and is a co-founder of Niroga. For over 10 years, she was Director of Operations for a small software company. She received her BA in Anthropology from U.C. Santa Barbara and her MBA from Golden Gate University.


Angela Urata, Operations Director

Angela UrataAngela Urata has worked in nonprofit administration and finance for over twenty years. She was Deputy Director and the Finance and Administrative Manager for two international nonprofits. She has served as Board Treasurer for a nonprofit that teaches media literacy tools to youth and has volunteered at the San Francisco women’s jail, teaching conflict resolution skills. Angela enjoys bringing together her experience in nonprofit management, commitment to social justice and passion for yoga’s potential to heal individuals and transform communities. As a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, Angela is teaching yoga at a Senior Center for Japanese Americans. She is continuing her studies in yoga therapy.


Danielle Ancin, Program Manager

Danielle AncinDanielle has been teaching dance and yoga to youth and adults for over 12 years. Her desire to share sustainable, dynamic tools for resilience and youth development drives her work, which has included integrating yoga into humanitarian assistance and violence prevention programs in Colombia and teaching yoga classes in vulnerable communities in the US, Colombia, and Brazil. Danielle earned her Masters in Public Administration from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 2009. She is now a Program Manager at the Niroga Institute and teaches regular yoga classes to at-risk children and adolescents.


Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura, Program Manager

Coleen Armstrong-YamamuraDriven by a passion for social justice and a desire to contribute to the education movement, Coleen joined Teach For America (TFA) as a member of the 2008 corps in New Orleans, Louisiana. Working as an educator in a community with staggering poverty and violence, Coleen learned that her teenage students needed more than the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic to be able to achieve their goals and dreams. Her students faced daily stress and trauma from their environment that prohibited them from realizing their full potential as students and young adults. As a practicing yogi, Coleen tried sharing some of the relaxation and concentration techniques of yoga with her students. The positive effects of these practices on her students were so inspiring to Coleen that in 2014, she took the year off of teaching to become a certified yoga teacher and to try to find a way to broaden her impact by bringing yogic practices to underserved schools, students, and families. Serendipitously, Coleen found Niroga was already blazing a path in dynamic mindfulness in schools and she is overjoyed to have the opportunity to join their organization in this important and transformative work.


Annika Hanson, Program Manager

Annika HansonAnnika Hanson was born and raised in the Bay Area. At the age of sixteen an automobile accident left her with several spinal fractures and unable to live a normal teenage life. During her recovery a friend invited her to attend a yoga class, and she began to experience the self transformative properties of yoga and meditation. In her quest to empower others through the practice of yoga she continued her study, obtaining a certification from It's Yoga in Miami in 2004 and an additional certification from the Niroga Institute, with an emphasis in yoga therapeutics, in 2006. She is committed to raising awareness about the healing benefits of yoga and meditation. Annika coordinates the Niroga Institute programs in Alameda County Juvenile Hall, including the work of Niroga instructors and the research work being done to assess the impact of this work on the young people.


Rosalind Lwin, Program Manager

Rosalind LwinRosalind turned to yoga about nine years ago, in a desperate attempt to "fix" her knees and discovered a powerful practice that promotes her healing on multiple levels beyond the physical. The self-reflective nature of the practice revealed that her body was just one example of what was misaligned in her life and yoga continues to guide her towards living in greater alignment with her values. Rosalind is grateful to BK Bose, her nephews, and her yoga students for being among her most influential teachers. After graduating from Niroga's Integral Health Fellowship (IHF) program, she absolutely refused to leave and now manages Niroga's IHF and Certified Yoga Teacher Training programs, teaches yoga and meditation at Niroga Center, and is a Yoga Corps instructor for Niroga Institute's direct service programs. Devoted to nurturing the growth of her students, and deepening her own practice, Rosalind is currently training with Niroga to become a Certified Yoga Therapist and is a student of Spirit Rock's training program focused on the integration of yoga, Buddhist philosophy, and vipassana meditation.


Amy Foldesi, Niroga Yoga Studio Co-Manager

Amy FoldesiAmy's adventures with yoga began before there was a yoga studio on every corner. She returned to yoga years later to recover from some minor injuries and found that the practice improves her life both physically and with greater peace of mind. She found Niroga in 2010 and was so inspired by Niroga's work in the community and its commitment to accessibility that she volunteered. In 2012, she completed the Niroga Teacher Training program and continues refining her skills. She currently co-manages the Niroga Yoga Studio.


Celina Hennessey, Niroga Yoga Studio Co-manager

Celina HennesseyCelina found yoga many years ago and was hooked immediately. She found Niroga in 2010, started volunteering with Niroga and never looked back. Celina was offered a place in the Integral Health Fellowship in the Niroga Teacher Training and simultaneously took on more work with the Niroga Institute. She currently works at the Institute and is a co-manager of the Niroga Center. Celina is also working towards her licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. She utilizes the teachings of yoga to inform the work she does with her clients. Celina is committed to raising awareness about the accessible practices of yoga, as well as merging the transformative and life affirming teachings of yoga with the healing work of therapy.