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Yoga Therapy Specialist Training Weekend Intensive:
Yoga Therapy for Occupational Health

with Betsy Shandalov

The weekend of March 16 & 17, 2013
Time: 1 - 6pm
Location: Niroga Yoga Studio
$300 for the weekend training
$250 early-bird discount if pre-registered by  March 9, 2013
Registration is required : Registration form
* For yoga teachers, health care professionals, and serious yoga students only.
No refunds
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Human resources is an organization’s most valuable asset, and it is in the best interest of the employer, the employee, and society as a whole that our workforce stays healthy. 

Occupational health refers to identifying and controlling the risks from physical, chemical, and other workplace hazards in order to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. 

In this weekend's immersive training we will review occupational risks and how yoga can help in the assessment of risk. We will also learn how yoga can integrate with a medical facility's occupational/physical therapy for better patient outcomes. We will learn to identify the types of disabilities that can occur on the job, and how, we as yoga therapists, can treat them when they occur. And, we will review how mindfulness can assist in worklife and how technology can assist. You will learn valuable Yoga techniques for stress relief at work and for any yoga therapy clients, as well as gain tools to market Yoga Therapy to corporations for Occupational Health at the workplace.

Weekend Overview:

  • Saturday:
    1-2pm Overview of Occupational Health
    2-4pm Job Analysis and Physical Assessment
    4-6pm Workplace Injury and Chronic Pain
  • Sunday:
    Noon-2pm Job Opportunities for Yoga Therapists
    2-5pm Open Workshop: Yoga Therapy in Occupational Heatlh
    5-6pm Closing Circle

This weekend session is one of eleven weekend trainings offered in 2013 on specific topics, which are part of our Level 3 year-long Yoga Therapy Specialist training. These weekend trainings are also open and available as separate training modules for yoga teachers for enhancing their knowledge and skills in specific areas.