Yoga for Niroga - Other ways to help

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Dear Bay Area Yoga Teachers,

Here are two of the biggest problems in our society, costing us billions of dollars every year:

  • less than 50% graduation rate in our high schools (more than 1 in 2 students are dropping out)
  • over 75% recidivism in Juvenile Halls (3 out of 4 kids released are going right back in)

Niroga yoga teachers bring yoga to those who need it most, reaching thousands of people every week in the Bay Area, in schools and alternative schools, juvenile halls, homeless shelters, cancer hospitals and rehab centers. Independent researchers from UC Berkeley and Kaiser Permanente Division of Research have shown that Transformative Life Skills (TLS) reduces stress and increases self-control. Niroga programs are widely viewed as a front-line prevention and early intervention strategy for education, mental health and violence reduction.

We need your help. At a time when foundations are cutting back and the state is tightening its belt, we are firmly committed to our vision of transforming lives, transforming families, transforming entire communities through the work of yoga. We ask you to help us extend our reach where funding has become scarce. One youth in the maximum security unit in Juvenile Hall recently said to our teachers, "You have really changed something in me. Thank you.”

Despite the challenges we face in the current economic environment, we at Niroga are committed to continuing and furthering the work of transforming one life at a time, knowing that each life has the potential to change the world around us. Your contribution will help kids graduate from high school and stay away from guns and gangs, drugs and death.

Here are three things we are asking of you:

  • donate the proceeds of one class per month (~$100/month for a class of 10 students paying $10 each) and/or one workshop/year
  • request your students to donate the equivalent of one class per month ($10-$15/month)
  • tell fellow yoga teachers about our work, and ask them to tell their students

Over eighty cents of every dollar donated will go to serving at-risk youth, and what you contribute in one year (~$1,000) will help keep one child in school and out of jail, giving back to society more than a hundred-fold (over $250,000). Just imagine the power of 100 yoga teachers and 1,000 yoga students to transform our community one breath at a time!

Yours in service,

Bidyut K Bose