Get Involved: The Yoga Corps™

In order to serve our growing list of partners, we recruit Certified Yoga Teachers to join our Yoga Corps. Our Yoga Corps teachers are on the frontlines bringing Transformative Life Skills (TLS,) including, yoga, breathwork, and meditation, to underserved communities in schools, juvenile halls, hospitals, and many other sites. As part of the Yoga Corps, yoga teachers have the opportunity to serve selflessly, deepen their practice, and develop skills working with at-risk communities, while earning a living wage.

Join Yoga Corps

If you are interested in joining Niroga's Yoga Corps, send an introductory email and a resume, which includes yoga teaching experience, other work experience, and education to We don't always have immediate openings, but we are always interested in qualified yoga teachers, to be available for the next opportunity.

Yoga for Youth Training

Niroga offers a Yoga for Youth training to compliment a certified yoga teacher's training to confidently address the needs of at-risk youth. This training is highly suggested for teachers, who would like to teach yoga to youth as part of Niroga's Yoga Corps. More information about the Yoga for Youth Training.