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Transformative Life Skills (TLS)

Niroga Institute Executive Director, B.K. Bose defines 'Transformative Life Skills' at a recent conference. TLS as taught by the Niroga Institute can transform individuals in order to help transform our community, helping to find peaceful ways of dealing with violence and suffering.

What are Life Skills?

"What makes a skill a 'Life Skill?' When you start to learn to learn - perhaps thats the subtle shift. When you're able to make healthy lifestyle choices, for example. Where You're eating right, you're taking proper rest and getting enough exercise. Where you're able to focus and engage so that learning can happen. Perhaps those are in the category of Life Skills."

What are Transformative Life Skills?

"When you are able to effect change from within, so that there is the possibility of change outside ... to be able to systematically develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-control... all of those beautiful 'self' hyphenated words that are fundamental to changing ourselves, so that we can transform the world around us."


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