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Vinyasa Sequence

Warm up with 5-10 rounds of Surya Namaskar (any variation)

On your last round, stay in Ado Muku Shvansasana (Downward Facing Dog)  for 5 breaths.

Then incorporate the following asanas as you continue through the sun salutations.

Be sure to do each side and hold for 8-10 breaths on each side:

Virabhadrasana A (Warrior A)

Virabhadrasana B

Reverse Virabhadrasana

On your last sequence, hop to seated from Ado Muka Shvansasana

Lie in Savasana for 5-10 minutes.

End with a 5 minute seated breathing meditation.


“‘Be right there with with breath as it goes out’ is the same thing as saying, ‘Be Fully Present’”

~Pema Chodron, STart Where You Are

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